1. Web Design for Real People

Traditionally, writing for the web compared to how you actually talk to your customers is like night and day – Let’s fix that. We’ll breathe some life into your design and copy, while building an intuitive user experience for visitors. We design and write honestly. There are so few truths in advertising – when your customers see one, they’ll know it.

2. Research Thoroughly

Your business is special. There are similarities to other businesses, but as a whole you are unique. We spend as much time researching your business and interviewing you as we do actually building your website. This allows us to custom-fit a solution for you. Sales are made and lost online – Do you really want a cookie-cutter product?

3. Tell a story

Our main objective is to capture your customers imagination, embrace their ambitions and inspire them. Sure, talking about your products, services and hours are great, but we can take it a whole lot further than that. We’ll talk about their aspirations and tell your customers exactly what you can do for them, which creates a one-of-a-kind bond.

4. Be Open to Suggestions

This isn’t a what-we-say-goes operation. We’ll explore all opinions and input, then determine what’s best. Nobody knows your business better than you do. Nobody knows what you like better than you do. No lie, we’re incredibly good at doing what we do, but we’re here to embrace your suggestions, expose your creativity and respect your vision.

5. Keep in touch

So, the site is up and running – Now what? We take after sales service seriously. That means one-on-one training on how to edit and adjust the website, screen-casts, and how-to manuals. We provide you with ongoing weekly traffic reports and maintenance, as well keeping in touch with you directly via phone and e-mail to make sure we can evolve your web presence as your business evolves.


6. Do Brilliant work

Perfectionism, plain and simple – It’s what we’re known for. We love what we do, we cut no corners, we leave no stone un-turned and we never, ever leave a teapot unfinished. We live to design, and that reflects in what we do. We constantly evolve to develop with the latest web standards and practices. This is our legacy, this is how we are making our mark on the world.



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