Being a Web Designer in Muskoka

We’re often asked why we chose to base our studio in Muskoka versus one of the more populous Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. To better understand why we’re here, let me tell you five things about Muskoka.

1. Half of the year there’s more CEO’s here than any big city.
2. You can find at least 3 different lakes within 5 minutes from any point.
3. I eat my lunch here every day.
4. The only traffic is lake traffic.
5. Working from the dock on Fridays is mandatory.

Being a web designer in Muskoka is great. We’re surrounded by natural beauty to pull inspiration from. Quality of life is key for any designer. Happy minds = happy designs. Skype, GoToMeeting and other remote tools allow us to work hand in hand with our clients thousands of miles away with less distractions, commutes, etc. Websites like Forrst and Dribbble allow us to connect with peers and share ideas with others worldwide.

We’re in a virtual economy, take advantage of it.