5 Questions to Ask an SEO Expert in Vancouver

If your web page is not on the first page of the major search engines, you may need the assistance of an SEO Expert Vancouver. Businesses want better search engine visibility as it boosts website visits, increases brand awareness and promotes higher sales and profits.

Sadly, most people lack the technical skills and the time to improve their rankings. It makes perfect sense to hire a competent and reliable Vancouver SEO expert to help out.

Here is a list of questions to ask the prospective SEO experts:

1. Who are your past and current clients?

A reputable SEO expert will not shy away from sharing his list of past and current employees. These references will give you a sneak-peek of what to expect from the service provider. While clients may not have the specific analytics, they will share crucial information such as positive rankings and high conversion rates.

2. What strategies will you use to improve the search rankings?

Be wary of consultants who will not freely share their techniques in details. A reliable SEO consultant should explain the strategies and the estimated time they will take to get the work done.

The SEO expert proposal should contain a technical review of the site pointing out any problems such as error pages and broken links that affect the page ranking. Additionally, they should have an optimization page that entails improving internal linking, developing web page and titles among other things.

3. Do you adhere to the webmaster best practices?

Always trust and hire a consultant who abides the webmasters’ guidelines. The guidelines vary depending on the search engine. The guidelines contain prohibitions such as including bogus text or hidden links, or spammy content. If the service provider does not follow the rules, your website could be relegated to lower search rankings or even banned from search results.

4. Is there a guarantee I will receive number-one ranking?

An SEO expert who answers with a yes is a fraud. There is no guarantee that your website will get the number one ranking. Be wary of people who claim to know people or have a relationship that with the search engines that will give you a priority in the search rankings.

5. Fees and payments

How much are you charging? Is it hourly or a flat rate, or per project? Other related questions include: When are the payments due? Is it monthly or weekly?
Is there an interest for making late payments?

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