Our work for Three Square Feet is currently featured on Shopify’s homepage as an example, and on numerousdesign blogs, among work from some of my favourite designers of all time.

There are certain designers and creative directors that I’ve always looked up to – They’re my heroes. It’s really inspiring to be able live among your heroes, but it’s also a swift kick in the pants. It’s a reminder to progress, adapt, and keep moving forward – or die a creative death. At one time, that scared me. What if I fizzled out?

It came down to two things for me. First, I needed to set a goal – a Giri. A la Wikipedia, Giri is “a Japanese value roughly corresponding to duty, obligation, or even burden of obligation in English”. My Giri is to rid Muskoka of bad design and uncreative ideas. We’re well on our way to doing that already. Next: the World.

Secondly, I needed a simple reminder not to be afraid. We can be our own worst enemies sometimes. Learning not to be afraid changed me both creatively and personally. Fear is a burden, it slows us down, and some times stops us from even taking a step.

I look at both these posters every day. One is on my roof, one is next to my bed. It’s the first thing I see every day. It’s the last thing I see every day. It works.

My GiriMy Giri