Caught an interesting discussion on Hacker News today on the merits (or not) of using a standing desk daily. I have a standing desk. I took a photo of it just the other day. I can’t hide my feelings for it, I love it.

While the debate between sitting and standing rages on, I firmly believe both sides are right.

Standing all day is not good for your back. Sitting all day is not good for your back. A standing desk combined with basic ergonomic principals and a solid drafting stool however, is the best of both worlds.

I stand for a bit. I sit for a bit. I get up. I walk around. I sit down again. I stand for awhile. I pull up a foot rest for awhile while standing. I sit for another little bit. You get the picture. I’m not stuck in one position all day long. I can adapt my position regularly. This keeps me feeling great, and also forces me to take ergonomic breaks.

My setup is too simple. An old whitewashed door raised up on cinder blocks, with two 19″ monitors and one 24″ monitor raised on classic books to get the optimal eye level for my height. When I sit, it’s on this stool from Target.

It’s a truly custom fitted workspace. It’s minimalistic. It’s me.